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Peking Duck Wraps (4pc)
北京鴨卷 20
Fantastic starter accompanied by cucumber sticks, shredded shallots, pancakes and hoisin sauce

Crispy Spring Rolls (2pcs)
春卷 6
Hand rolled with pork or vegetables accompanied by sweet chilli jam

Shao Mai (3pcs)
燒賣 9.5
Steamed home-made dumplings filled with pork mince with side of soy and fresh chilli

Chicken Skewers (3pcs)
沙爹雞串 10.5
Served with a traditional Malaysian satay sauce

Crispy Skin Quail
椒鹽鵪鶉 15.5
Topped with a Hong Kong salt & pepper mix of diced capsicum, fried onions, fresh chilli and roasted shallots

Steamed Scallops (4pcs)
清蒸帶⼦子 16
On the shell, with light soy, sesame oil, coriander and fresh chilli

Sung Choi Bow (2pcs)
生菜包 13.5
Minced pork (or tofu) & shitake mushrooms, nestled in crispy iceberg lettuce cups

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Curry Chicken (Vegetarian option available)
南洋咖喱雞 23.5
An aromatic Malaysian style yellow curry with fresh vegetables

Chicken and Aubergine Delight (Vegetarian option available)
鐵板雞茄子 24
Chicken bites served on hot plate with eggplant, cashew nuts and shallots

Double Cooked Duck
梅醬鴨 32
Steamed until tender, then fried until crispy. Served with a rich cinnamon and plum sauce

Boneless Duck
香菇扒蒸鴨 32.5
Steamed free-range duck with Chinese mushrooms, bok choi in chef’s master stock

Forbidden Palace Pork
糖醋咕嚕肉 23.5
Lightly battered fried pork bites tossed in our home-made sweet and sour sauce

Beijing-Style Pork Mince and Green Beans
乾燒四季豆 24
Fresh beans wok tossed with pork mince and spicy chilli salt

Mongolian Lamb
蒙古羊肉 32
The lamb fillets and root vegetables come to life, sizzling on a hot plate with a sweet smoky Mongolian sauce

Chilli Lamb
辣椒羊肉 32
Sliced fillet lamb with fresh chilli, shallots and Asian herbs

Beef with black beans
豉汁牛肉 23
Tender beef strips in a rich black bean sauce, served with seasonal vegetables

Sichuan Beef
水煮牛肉 24.5
Stir-fried beef strips in chilli oil with wombok, roasted chilli and Sichuan pepper

Obsession King Prawns
南苑白汁大蝦 32
King prawns in a light batter, fried until golden then tossed with our homemade aioli

Mixed Seafood
鐵板蒜蓉辣椒海鮮 29.5
Local king prawns, sea scallops, calamari and fish bites on a hot plate with fresh chilli and garlic

Moreton Bay Bugs
星洲琵琶蝦 45
Deshelled tail meat wok tossed with Singapore chilli style with fresh chilli, tomatoes, onion, coriander and garlic

Whole Baby Barramundi
煎盲曹魚 45
Lightly fried with soy and crispy garlic

Five Spice Calamari
椒鹽魷魚 24
Lightly battered and shallow fried, tossed with Asian spices and fresh herbs

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Rice & Noodles

Steamed Jasmine Rice
米飯 3.5
Single serves only

Obsession Fried Rice
南苑揚州炒飯 Sm 18.5 Lg 23
With Chinese sausage, prawns, eggs, peas and corn

Mee Goreng
印尼炒麵 Sm 18.5 Lg 25.5
Traditional Malaysian stir-fried noodles with potato, egg, chicken, prawns, tomato and chilli

Singapore Noodles
星洲炒米 Sm 18.5 Lg 25.5
Vermicelli noodles stir-fried with king prawns, chicken bites, julienne carrots and onions curry spice

Laksa Noodle Soup (Vegetarian available)
喇沙湯麵 22.5
Chicken breast with green beans, fried tofu, eggplant, onions and fresh curry leaves in a spicy coconut soup with both egg and rice noodles

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Salt and Pepper Tofu
椒鹽豆腐 16.5
Fried silken tofu with a Hong Kong salt and pepper mix of fried shallot, capsicum and diced onion (GF)

Seasonal Vegetables
蒜蓉炒時菜 16.5
A wide range of fresh vegetables lightly stir-fried with garlic sauce

Baby Bok Choi
炒小白菜 (蒜蓉辣椒 或 蠔油) 16.5
With garlic and chilli or oyster sauce

泡菜 6.5
Cabbage and vegetables with preserved with chilli.

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