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Lunch Specials Menu

11am - 3pm

Steamed Fish
薑蔥蒸魚片伴小白菜+米飯 14.5
Filleted Ling fish steamed with minced ginger and shallots, on a bed of steamed rice, accompanied by a light soy and baby bok choi

Forbidden Palace Pork
糖醋咕嚕肉+米飯 13.5
Lightly battered pork bites tossed in our home-made sweet and sour sauce, served with steamed jasmine rice

Curry Chicken (Vegetarian option available)
南洋咖喱雞+米飯 13.5
A Malaysian style aromatic yellow curry with fresh vegetables served with steamed jasmine rice

Crispy Skin Chicken
山東雞+米飯 14.5
Crispy skinned chicken pieces served with green vegetables and steamed rice, accompanied by a vinegar, Chinese wine and fresh chilli dipping sauce

Mongolian Beef
蒙古牛肉+米線 13.5
Tender beef bites tossed in a sweet smoky Mongolian sauce, served on rice noodles topped with a fresh Asian herb salad

Mee Goreng
印尼炒麵 13
Traditional Malaysian noodles stir-fried with potato, chicken bites, king prawns, tomato and ground Asian spices

Singapore Noodles
星洲炒米粉 13
Vermicelli noodles stir-fried with tender chicken breast, prawn, egg, bean sprouts and julienne vegetables

Wonton Noodle Soup
鮮蝦雲吞湯麵 14.5
Handmade parcels filled with fresh prawns and pork mince, served in a clear supreme broth with egg noodle

Laksa Soup (Vegetarian option available)
喇沙湯麵 14.5
Chicken breast with green beans, eggplant, onions and fresh curry leaves in a spicy coconut soup with both egg and rice noodles

$25.00/pp (Minimum 2 people)
House-wrapped spring rolls 春卷
Crispy skin chicken 山東雞
Mee Goreng noodles 印尼炒麵
Mongolian beef with rice 蒙古牛肉飯

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