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Malaysian born and with a Hong Kong child hood, Joyce Chiu has successfully operated restaurants Australia-wide. She has worked in Perth and NSW and is currently based in Brisbane, Australia.

With a passion for good food and wine and a sure yet simple approach, her 4th venture Obsession continues to delight all diners. Built on a founding belief of unpretentious food, simple yet stunning, her cuisine is a reflection of Joyce’s ideas and beliefs of promoting Chinese culture through fresh and healthy food.

Dedicated to sharing her knowledge of the health benefits associated with fresh Chinese cuisine, Joyce is taking Obsession to the next level. Engaging architectural and design specialists Liquidblu and visure, she has worked collaboratively with these firms to reposition Obsession as Brisbane’s contemporary Chinese restaurant undergoing a new fit out and rebrand.

Joyce’s contagious passion for food and her desire for service excellence have made Obsession one of the most successful Chinese restaurants in Brisbane.


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